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NextStep is proud to offer CNA training in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. We'll be launching CNA programs in more states soon!

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NextStep Is Solving the Caregiver Crisis

Our groundbreaking Nursing Assistant training-to-placement approach is an elegant solution to two critical problems: a dire shortage of caregivers to support an expanding older population and the loss of millions of jobs to artificial intelligence and automation. 

NextStep reaches learners left behind by traditional training programs and pairs them with our respected employer partners. Our CNA graduates start a rewarding new career. Our employers fill their critical staffing needs. It's a win-win.

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Julie Melton
NextStep Marketing Director

NextStep Fast Facts

Caregiving is the largest job role in the United States.

An aging population is driving demand for skilled health care workers.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is the key caregiving job role.

Nextstep increases its graduates’ lifetime earnings by nearly 60% on average.

NextStep provides displaced workers an opportunity to start a new, rewarding CNA career.

NextStep is partnered with over 70 employers.

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