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Colorado CNA Program

Media Kit

NextStep's Success In Colorado Is the First Step Toward Solving the National Caregiver Shortage

NextStep has seen growing success in Colorado after launching its CNA training-to-placement program in September 2019. Our graduating class size continues to grow, and we are now partnered with more than 70 Colorado care providers. NextStep's CNA program provides a rewarding career opportunity to displaced workers who have been left behind by traditional training models and meets long-term care providers' critical staffing needs.

NextStep will expand its innovative Nursing Assistant training-to-placement program into other states in 2021.

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Colorado CNA Program

Fast Facts

NextStep provides displaced workers an opportunity to start a new, rewarding CNA career.

We reach learners left behind by traditional training.

We partner with employers across Colorado so graduates can work close to home.

NextStep's CNA program is one of the most rigorous in the industry.



I'm proud that Colorado is taking the lead in finding creative ways to ensure CNA students receive the education and training they need.

— Colorado Governor Jared Polis

Knowing that I've been home for 14 years and this has given me an opportunity to come back into something that's relevant is huge ... that's a great motivation to keep me going each day to know that I'm that much closer to ... being able to help support my family, that much closer to seeing myself succeed at something that's just for me, it's just been great.

— Desiree G., Colorado NextStep Learner

I never realized how much a CNA did ... it's a great place to start, especially if you're wanting to get into the healthcare industry and become a nurse or a PA or a doctor. It's a great stepping stone.

— Joy G., Colorado NextStep Learner

I will say to people out there looking at NextStep, give them a chance. I think they're doing a great job. The communication is fluid. It's constant. The follow-up is wonderful … they really stick by what they promise.

— Timothy Abernathy, HR Coordinator, Christopher House Rehabilitation Care Community in Colorado