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Oregon Nursing Assistant Program

Media Kit

In June 2021, NextStep received approval from the Oregon Department of Health to launch its innovative Nursing Assistant training-to-placement program in Oregon. NextStep's blended-learning program provides a rewarding CNA career opportunity to displaced workers who have been left behind by traditional training models and meets long-term care providers' critical staffing needs.

The blended-learning Nursing Assistant training includes three elements: the digital course, divided into skills and delivered online or via mobile app; the practice lab, covering physical skills required to pass the state CNA exam; and a 16-hour clinical job-shadowing experience.  

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Oregon Nursing Assistant Program

Fast Facts

NextStep's CNA program is one of the most rigorous in the industry.

We partnered with over 70 respected long-term care providers in the United States.

We reach learners left behind by traditional training.

NextStep provides displaced workers an opportunity to start a new, rewarding CNA career.



Marquis is excited to be partnering with NextStep in Oregon, both to address the critical need for nursing assistants in our communities and to support an innovative approach to solving this country’s caregiver crisis. Our mission is to promote the vitality within each of our clients and staff members, and we are looking forward to empowering and supporting NextStep graduates on their rewarding journey as health care professionals.

— Phil Fogg, Jr., President and CEO of Marquis Companies

There's a huge support system. If you have questions, they get back to you right away. If you need clarification on something, they're really good about, again, getting back to you. You have that ability to ... chat with a mentor or an instructor and they can help you through any questions or concerns.

— Joy G., Colorado NextStep Learner

Demand for skilled nursing assistants will grow, even after the pandemic subsides. This innovative approach to developing health care workers benefits Oregonians seeking high-quality new careers. In Colorado and Washington, we have shown the value our blended-learning nursing assistant training and job placement program delivers. We are excited to bring this program to Oregon.

— Chris Hedrick, NextStep CEO