How to become a Certified Nursing Assistant

Wondering exactly what it takes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Oregon? Follow our roadmap, and you’ll be starting your first CNA job in no time!
Step 1


NextStep’s enrollment process is simple, fast and can be completed online. And, you’ll be matched with a dedicated mentor as soon as you’re enrolled.
Step 2

Online Learning

You’ll learn basic CNA theory online on your own schedule using any internet-enabled device (phones, tablets and computers are good options). As you’re studying online, you’ll also get started completing a few medical and documentation requirements.
Step 3

In-Person Learning

Our in-person practice labs and clinicals are your chance to get hands-on practice with the theory skills you learned online. Nurse instructors are there to support you as you put your knowledge into action!
Step 4


Oregon requires CNA applicants to complete a state-approved training program (like NextStep), pass the written and skills state exams, and apply for a nursing assistant certification prior to working as a CNA. Your NextStep mentor will help you through the exam scheduling process, and we offer free in-person exam prep to make sure you pass your exams on the first try!
Step 5

Job placement

NextStep’s job placement team will match you with a full-time CNA job that’s a great fit for your career goals. And, your mentor will stay with you through the first 90 days on the job to ensure you get off to a great start.

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