Meet Kimberly: One New CNA's Story and How NextStep Can Help

Melissa Mills
May 16, 2022
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Do you remember reading “choose your own adventure” books when you were a kid? First, you got the general storyline. Then, you received two options to choose from that took the story in different directions. Let us introduce you to Kimberly, a new CNA with a story you won’t want to miss!

Meet Kimberly

Being brand new to healthcare, Kimberly took the first job offered to her. She wasn’t overly excited about the facility. During her interview, she overheard a nurse yelling at a coworker and witnessed a resident in an unsafe situation. However, the facility was close to home, and the director of nursing seemed nice enough. 

Shortly after starting, Kimberly’s work life began to crumble. She received one day of training before being told she was ready to work alone. She hung in there because she had adequate support on day shift. However, two weeks after starting, Kimberly was permanently moved to night shift without notice. She talked to a friend from CNA school and found out she was making $3 less an hour than the going rate in her area and that her employer was only a one-star Medicare facility

Kimberly felt alone and had zero support. So, after one month on the job, she quit because she was unhappy and stressed. She even swore she would never work as a CNA again. 

Where Did Kimberly’s Adventure Go Wrong?

Unfortunately, Kimberly’s story is typical. There are so many ways she could have chosen a better CNA job adventure. Let’s look at a few of them and how you can choose the better path.

Get the Best Pay

You went to CNA school to make a difference in the lives of others. And, while it’s not all about pay, we know pay matters! If Kimberly had signed up for NextStep, she would have received the best pay guarantee. 

Understand Workplace Culture

Kimberly didn’t recognize her observations during her interview as workplace culture red flags. While it’s challenging to get an accurate picture of workplace culture, it’s not impossible. NextStep guides you through things to look for and even provides you with questions you can ask to understand the mission and values of the company.

Feel Supported

Did you know that more than half of all caregivers leave their job within the first 90-days? Scary right? Not feeling supported on the job can cause stress and leave you feeling alone. With NextStep, you don’t have to worry about these feelings. 

Our mentors help you choose and keep the best job! They’ll check in with you periodically to see how you’re doing. And, they’re only a text away for added support if anything out-of-the-ordinary happens. We also have loads of resources created by industry experts to share, including skill refresher videos and articles that provide the guidance and support you need exactly when you need it.

Choose the Better Ending

“Choose your adventure” books always had two endings. One was good, and the other was not so good. So don’t let your CNA story fill up with stress and confusion. Choose NextStep now by signing up here and let us help you CNA the best way!

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