3 Tips for Choosing (and Loving) Your First CNA Job

Melissa Mills
May 16, 2022
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Do you remember buying your first car? Did a family member or friend help you choose the right one? Maybe you got lucky and found a salesperson who showed you your options and then stuck by your side through every choice you had to make. 

There’s a reason we get support when making critical life decisions. Choosing your first CNA job is a task you don’t want to do alone. This one choice will set you up for a long career of success and fulfillment - or disaster! 


That might make you a little nervous, which is normal. But, there’s no need to worry if you choose NextStep as your placement and mentorship partner. Here are three tips to make choosing your first CNA job easy and one to remember!  

Think About Pay

You enrolled in CNA school because you’re passionate about caring for others. While it’s not all about pay - we know pay matters! NextStep offers a highest pay guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. 

Keep in mind that working the evening or night shift and anytime on the weekend will increase your wage by about a dollar or more per hour, which adds up fast. Full-time positions may also come with benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and reimbursement programs for scrubs or continuing education. 

Feel Out Culture

We’ve all heard horror stories of nurses who don’t respect CNAs or coworkers who take out hostilities on new staff members. So, your job interview is the perfect time to get a feel for what makes a workplace tick. We’ll teach you how to scope out positive workplace traits like collaboration and communication and what questions to ask to get a good feel for the company’s purpose and core values.  

Find Support

Did you know that more than half of all caregivers will leave their job this year? Scary, right? Not feeling supported and knowing who to turn to with problems can make your first job unbearable. This is exactly why NextStep offers mentorship. 

Our mentors know the first 90 days on the job are the hardest, and they’ll be there for you when we place you! You’ll receive ongoing support, skill refresher videos, articles, and a trusted partner to help you navigate through any problems that might come up.

Don’t CNA Alone

You’re about to take a major leap in your healthcare career. But, don’t do it alone. Let us support you through each step of finding and keeping your BEST first CNA job.

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