5 Questions Every CNA Should Ask During an Interview

Melissa Mills
May 25, 2022
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You just aced every question the interviewer asked you. Then, they smile as they ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” You think silently, “I’m supposed to ask them questions?”  

Don’t panic! Interviews are the perfect time for you to ask questions about culture, career advancement, and much more! Check out these top five questions you should ask during every interview, so you’ll walk away knowing if it’s the right job for you. 

Question 1: How would you describe the company culture here?

Company culture impacts every decision made in a facility. Having them describe the culture helps you know if their value aligns with your values.  

Question 2: What is the average CNA to resident ratio here? 

It might seem like a big number to you as a new CNA, no matter what they say. However, knowing the maximum number of residents you will care for in a shift helps you understand the job expectations before saying yes. 

Question 3: How long is orientation, and what should I expect to learn?

Asking about their orientation process helps you understand how long you might be working with another CNA. In addition, understanding the company expectations will help you set your expectations, so you can relax and enjoy your training.

Question 4: What career advancement or continuing education opportunities do you offer? 

You’ll need to keep up with the state requirements for continuing education. Many employers offer this free of charge as an added benefit. It’s great to know what they offer and if they have any internal job advancement opportunities. 

Question 5: What’s your management style?

This question might make you a little uncomfortable because it can feel straightforward. However, you’ll spend more time at work with your supervisor than you do at home with your spouse or partner. So, knowing what to expect from them as a leader is critical!

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