Calling All Night Owls: Explore the Benefits of Third Shift

Melissa Mills
May 16, 2022
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CNA at laptop at night

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Do you work best late at night? Third shift might be a good fit if you enjoy a slower pace and staying up all night comes easy. However, less hustle-bustle isn’t the only benefit that makes night shift a good fit for some CNAs.  

Check out these four benefits of working nights. 

Receive Higher Pay

Employers know night shift isn’t for everyone. So, most pay a dollar or two extra on the hour to make third shift more appealing. This additional pay adds up quickly. For example, If you work 40 hours a week and receive an additional dollar per hour, you’ll make an extra $2000 a year. 

Provide One-on-One Care

Do you like to chat with residents or take time to give extra care? Things start to slow down in long-term facilities after dinner. And, as night shift approaches, most residents are getting ready for bed. There are no visitors, doctor's visits, or therapy appointments to work around, so you’ll have more time to give that extra TLC and one-on-one care that you love giving. 

Bask in Team Spirit

Night shift staff are routinely close-knit. Camaraderie and team spirit quickly build when you must rely on each other. The slower pace might also give you more time to chat or eat a meal together. And, many night shifters like grabbing breakfast together before heading home for the day. 

Take Joy in Family Time

Let’s be honest, many of the big things in life, like kid’s field trips, doctor's visits, and hair appointments, happen during the day. The night shift typically ends by 7 AM, leaving a few hours to run errands or spend time with loved ones before heading to bed. Or, you might sleep early and enjoy home life more in the evenings before going back to work. Just remember not to overdo it on workdays. 

Become an Official Night Owl

Now that you know the benefits of working third shift, why not give it a try? Many employers have multiple job openings allowing you to try different schedules until you find the right fit for you and your home life. 

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