Top CNA Interview Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Melissa Mills
May 18, 2022
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Imagine walking into your first job interview and CRUSHING it! That’s everyone’s dream, right? We want that for you too which is why we rounded up some of the most common interview mistakes and tips to avoid them.  After reading this, you’ll be ready to make the best first impression during your CNA interview. 

Mistake 1: Dressing too Casually

Scrubs? Jeans? Sandals? Ugh! If you have this conversation running through your head, we can help! 

Wear clean, wrinkle-free clothing and a pair of low-heeled, closed-toe shoes. Think casual pants and a nice button-down or pullover shirt. Your hair should be well-groomed and your nails clean and short.  

Mistake 2: Arriving Late

Being late can cost you the job. Map out your drive the night before and think about an alternate route, just in case you need it. Leave home with enough time to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Mistake 3: Forgetting to Practice Interview Questions

Interviews are nerve-wracking. Knowing how you might answer questions can help you relax. Here are a few of the most common questions so you can prepare: 

  • How do you feel about working evenings, nights, and weekends?
  • Do you have any past caregiver experience?
  • Can you measure vital signs?
  • How would you deal with difficult patients?

Mistake 4: Not Asking Questions

Many CNAs make the mistake of thinking interviews are only for the company to learn about you. But, this is your one chance to ask about workplace culture, pay, career advancement, and more! Here are a few questions you can use: 

  • What is your rate of turnover for new CNAs?
  • Do you offer opportunities for advancement?
  • How would you describe the workplace culture?
  • How do you help new CNAs succeed on the job? 

Get Ready for Success

Landing your first job take preparation. Follow these tips to avoid the most common mistakes so you can get the best first job and start your new career.

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