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CNAs trading tips

10 CNA tips for success

December 1, 2021

Our mentors often get asked for first CNA job tips or what makes a good CNA. Make use of the CNA tips below, and you’ll be a caregiver rockstar in no time! 

Tip 1: Communication is key

Whether you’re working out a disagreement with a coworker or sharing important information with a supervisor, communicating professionally means you’ll be a successful CNA.

Tip 2: Keep laughing! 

Being a CNA can be emotionally and physically tough sometimes. Laughter makes it a lot more fun! Laugh with those you’re caring for. Laugh at yourself. Laugh because the world is a wild, unexpected place — especially in the #CNALife! 

Tip 3: Assume good intentions.

People do funny things when they’re under stress. They might be irritable, or laugh at the wrong time, or forget something important. As a CNA, it helps to remember that everyone’s doing the best they can. If you start there, it’s so much easier to work as a team!

Tip 4: Stay organized.

From your work bag to your pen, as a CNA you need to have your tools on hand so you can focus on the person you’re caring for. Try always putting items back in the same place so you know exactly where to find them!

Tip 5: Find your rhythm.

When the expected is always expected, finding your own rhythm can carry you through. Remember that no matter what’s happening externally, internally you can always center yourself in the knowledge you’re making a difference.

Tip 6: Ask for help.

Whether you’ve been a CNA for five days or five years, you’re going to run up against situations that are new to you. That’s the beauty of the job! When it happens, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your supervisor or colleagues. It’ll make you a better CNA and show others you’re a team player!

Tip 7: Listen.

As a CNA, you give a lot of yourself. But, you can receive a lot in return! The folks you’re caring for have rich lives, memories and lessons to share. Listen well, and you’ll take home new gems at the end of each day.

Tip 8: Care for yourself.

There’s a reason airlines tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others — it’s because we have to be healthy and functioning to be of any good to anyone else! Same goes for caregiving. You can only care well for others if you first care for yourself

Tip 9: Celebrate challenges.

Most days as a caregiver will challenge you — emotionally, physically and mentally. But that’s not a bad thing! Challenges teach us how we can improve and where our strengths lie. They are our opportunity to reflect and grow. So celebrate them!

Tip 10: Build relationships.

Good caregiving is all about relationships — with the person you’re caring for, with your colleagues, with the rest of the health care team and with families. Taking a minute to ask about someone’s day, pay extra attention to someone’s preferences, or make someone laugh is always worth it! 

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