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Pass on the first try with CNA exam prep

November 16, 2021

At NextStep, we want to make sure nothing comes between you and your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Our training program offers free, in-person CNA exam prep sessions that prepare you with the knowledge and confidence you need to pass on the first try.

What’s on the state CNA exam?

  • Theory knowledge
  • CNA skills

State CNA exams test you on both theory knowledge and CNA skills to ensure you’re all set to provide the best quality care. Exact requirements vary from state to state, but typically the theory knowledge component is either written or oral and consists of around 60 to 80 multiple-choice questions covering areas like vocabulary, proper caregiver behavior, and how to handle everyday caregiving situations. 

The CNA skills exam is set up to resemble an actual caregiving situation. You’ll be asked to demonstrate a variety of tasks — from basic hand hygiene to cleaning, dressing and moving a client to recording temperature, pulse and blood pressure.

CNA Exam prep equals CNA exam success!

  • Attend in-person CNA exam prep sessions at our practice labs.
  • Benefit from the support of a nurse instructor.
  • Get CNA exam tips.
  • Take a practice CNA skills exam.
  • Practice independently until you’re confident.

Preparing for a test can be nerve wracking, but not with NextStep. Our CNA exam prep sessions take place at the same practice labs where our in-person learning happens. You’ll be guided by a nurse instructor as you brush up on any CNA skills or theory knowledge that still might need work. You’ll also get CNA exam tips and as much independent practice time as you need. Once you feel ready, you’ll take a practice CNA skills exam so you know exactly what to expect from the real test.

Mentor support before and after the CNA exam keeps you on track.

  • One-on-one mentor support
  • Guidance as you prep for your CNA exam
  • No need to pay for expensive tutoring

At every step of your CNA exam prep — in the practice lab and at home — you’ll have the continued support of a dedicated mentor who will be on hand to provide any last-minute CNA exam tips. And, you won’t have to spend a dime — not for a tutor or any other outside CNA exam prep. It’s all part of NextStep’s quest to support your CNA journey from start to finish!

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