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Carson LeMahieu, Christopher House human resources coordinator

Employer Spotlight: Christopher House Rehabilitation and Care Community

November 19, 2021

We’re proud of our NextStep CNA grads because we know they’re the best! We also believe that they deserve to work in the most rewarding environments, which is why we only partner with long-term-care employers who meet our quality standards. If you’re considering enrolling in our CNA program and are wondering where you might work after graduation, let us introduce you to one of our respected employer partners: Christopher House Rehabilitation and Care Community!

CNA grad benefit 1: A community committed to holistic, person-centered care

  • Focused on care, healing and wellness
  • Emphasis on holistic, person-centered care
  • Broad range of care services
  • Wellness and recreational programming

Christopher House Rehabilitation and Care Community — a 76-bed long-term-care community located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado — fosters an environment focused on care, healing and wellness with an emphasis on holistic, person-centered care. Along with comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery services, Christopher House provides a broad range of medical and complex clinical care:

  • Rehabilitation and wellness
  • Skilled nursing care and chronic disease management
  • Behavioral health care
  • Respite care
  • Hospice and comfort care

The community offers a variety of wellness and recreational programming as well. But, according to the community’s nursing home administrator, Ken Kerver, what really distinguishes Christopher House is its commitment to helping people process their addiction issues and, after proper care, moving them from homelessness back into their original communities.

Learn more about Christopher House.


  • Christopher House is one of 30 Vivage communities located in Colorado.
  • 100% of the staff — and 98% of residents — are vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • The community’s Antora program supports individuals recovering from substance addictions while guiding them in developing the life skills needed to achieve and sustain a higher quality of life.
  • Christopher House offers a large, well-equipped therapy gym, private entrance, and upscale amenities tailored to the needs of its clients.
  • The city of Wheat Ridge, located just 15 minutes outside Denver, has over 88 trails covering 638 miles.

CNA grad benefit 2: An opportunity to grow professionally

  • Promotion opportunities
  • Ongoing support

NextStep graduates currently working at Christopher House have found the community to be a place where they can grow professionally, says Jamie Clayton, NextStep’s account manager. 

“Christopher House is amazing to work with because of the great communication and dedication they have with NextStep,” she explains. “They prioritize our graduates to make sure they are successful and we work together on any feedback to help make sure our partnership remains strong.”

Learn how Christopher House boosted one NextStep grad’s career.


That ability to accommodate and the desire to constantly improve has helped plant the seeds for an even brighter future for NextStep graduates at Christopher House. One NextStep grad was recently promoted into a leadership role in the community.

“Because he went through the [NextStep] program,” Kerver says, “he is able to welcome the new NextStep employees and help guide them through orientation as well as any of their job questions.”

CNA grad benefit 3: A management team that appreciates quality CNAs

  • Commitment to hiring the best CNAs
  • Ongoing support for caregivers on staff
  • Recognition of NextStep graduates’ excellence

The management team at Christopher House isn’t just filling empty CNA slots, they’re committed to hiring the best CNAs. As Carson LeMahieu, Christopher House’s human resources coordinator explains, “I'd say one of our biggest challenges in hiring CNAs is finding the right people — the people who work with our culture, the people that are going to come in and go above and beyond for our residents and provide that level of care that we're really looking for.”

That’s why Christopher House is so excited to hire NextStep’s graduating CNAs, and it’s why they work hard to support their caregiving staff once they’re onboard.

“The candidates I get from NextStep, they want to be there,” says LeMahieu. “You can tell — for them it's not just another job. It's not just a paycheck. They have a passion for what they're doing.”

CNA grad benefit 4: The perfect environment to gain broad experience

  • Learn a range of CNA skills.
  • Work with a diverse group of residents and staff.
  • Plot your professional course.

For CNAs at the beginning of their careers, getting a range of experience is essential. “Healthcare facilities with different levels of care provide opportunities to learn skills from basic personal care to more skilled care for specialized resident populations,” says Melissa Mills, NextStep’s lab and clinical operations director. “It helps you decide what you do and don't like and can even give you the opportunity to specialize your career in the future.”

Kenver agrees that one of the exciting things for CNAs working at Christopher House is the breadth of experience they get on the job. “Working at Christopher House allows new CNAs to see both the behavioral and clinical aspects of long-term care,” he says. Equally beneficial to newcomers is the wide age range — from 25 to 70 — of the individuals they’re exposed to, which helps strengthen both clinical and personal skills.

CNA grad benefit 5: A friendly community atmosphere

  • Supportive community
  • Positive collaboration

Opportunities for professional growth are a big factor in job satisfaction. Work environment is just as important. NextStep is committed to placing its graduates in supportive care communities that foster collaboration. 

NextStep mentor Amanda Harvey says that’s exactly the kind of environment Christopher House creates. “Speaking from the experience of learners I have placed there,” she says, “Christopher House has a very friendly community atmosphere. They are very accommodating towards their staff when needed and are always willing to work together with us — and the grads we send them — to improve their facility and keep their open positions competitive within the area.” 

Read what one Christopher House employee had to say about their experience.


“I have had the pleasure of working at the Christopher House as a nurse for 6 months and absolutely love the residents and staff! I have a lot of gratitude for the Administrative staff and plan on working here for many years to come!” — employee review

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