To Care Well For Others, First Care For Yourself

This year has been an incredibly tough one for health care workers. But even in the best year, caregiving takes a lot of physical, mental and emotional energy. That’s why it’s essential for CNAs to prioritize self-care.

Our CNA mentors have some great suggestions for how to keep yourself in good shape so you can give your best to those you care for! 

Read a Book on Break

A good story can whisk you around the world, even if you’re just on a 10-minute coffee break. Choose something physically and mentally light that fits easily in your bag and gives your brain an escape from any stressors.

Go Screen Free

Take an hour, an afternoon or even a whole day away from screens! Your eyes will thank you for it, and it will free up your mental energy for hands-on hobbies, conversation with loved ones or a quiet sit by the window.

Mediate for a Few Minutes

Sometimes you need to recenter. Meditation is a good tool for calming the mind and is beneficial even in very short sessions. Not sure how to get started? Try this guided meditation led by NextStep’s master mindfulness teacher, Lynn Morrison.

Take a Walk

Whether you roam the halls for a minute, go to a nearby park or stretch your legs on a trail, taking a walk engages your body and clears your mind. Exercise relieves stress and keeps your body healthy too.

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