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NextStep mentors help you meet your CNA goals.

November 19, 2021

At NextStep, we understand that starting something new, especially when you already have a busy life, can be a little daunting! That’s why our program has built-in, one-on-one support to help you meet your CNA goals — mentors!

Your mentor is assigned to you the minute you enroll in NextStep’s CNA program. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or having trouble prioritizing your studies, your mentor is here to give you encouragement, study tips and time-management guidance. They’re your cheerleader and your accountability partner.

“The great thing about having a CNA mentor is that you'll also have an accountability partner. But not only that, you also have someone who is more than willing to discuss what the CNA life is about as well as just help you out through the course.” — Edwin Rodriguez, NextStep mentor

As former CNAs, mentors know how to support your CNA career.

  • Already know the ins and outs of a CNA career
  • Experienced in overcoming on-the-job challenges
  • Eager to answer your questions and provide support

Each of our mentors has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant. They’ve been where you’re going and know all the ins and outs of the training process, exam prep and starting a new CNA career

Whether you have questions about what a day in a CNA career is really like or how to handle on-the-job challenges, your mentor is your go-to for answers and support. And, they support you for your first 90 days on the job to make sure your new CNA career gets off to a smooth start!

Stay on track with your CNA goals with weekly mentor support calls.

You’ll have a scheduled phone call with your mentor once a week throughout the NextStep program. These calls are a required part of the course because they help you stay on track with your CNA goals. Here’s what you can expect during your weekly call:

  • Info about upcoming steps in the training process
  • Reminders about tasks you’re behind on
  • Help making a plan for graduating on time so you can start that new CNA career!

Mentors help with CNA career planning.

  • Match with the best employer for you
  • Discuss location and work environment preferences

Speaking of your new CNA career, your mentor will also work to understand your job preferences so that we can match you with the best employer for you after you graduate! 

Your mentor will ask you about the shifts and location you prefer. They’ll also discuss which potential work environments, like memory care or acute care, sound interesting to you and any other details that will help us place you in a job that’s right for you.

“I'm your accountability partner, I'm your cheerleader, I’m your motivator. I am going to impart all of my CNA wisdom to you, so that you can go out in the world and be the best thing that you can be!” —Meaghen Green, NextStep mentor

Benefit from essential support without paying for outside tutoring or coaching.

  • Ongoing support at no cost to you
  • A commitment to individual, personalized guidance

You might know someone who’s had a tutor or a coach. Because you typically have to pay extra for that kind of one-on-one support, our learners sometimes ask if it costs extra to have a NextStep mentor. The answer is absolutely not. Our mentors are as much an essential part of the NextStep program as our instructors. They’re there to support you every step of the way from your first time learning online through your first three months in your CNA career. 

Need to talk to your mentor outside of your weekly call? They’re there for you whenever you need them! Just set up a meeting via the app or your mentor’s booking link.

Ready to talk to your dedicated mentor and plan for a job as a CNA? Click the button below!

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