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Upskill Employer FAQ

Questions? We have answers!

General course information

What course do you provide?
What is included in the course?
How long does it take to complete the course?

NextStep partnerships

How do I apply to become a Lab/Clinical Partner Site?

How to purchase and reserve student seats

How do I purchase seats?
I don’t see any seats to purchase in my area. What are my options?
Can I get a seat refund or exchange?
What increments can I purchase seats in?
How do I assign seats?
Can I reassign seats?
What is seat expiration?

Course prerequisites

What lab prerequisites are required?
Why do students have to complete prerequisites that are not required for working in my facility?
When is the lab prerequisite due date?
What is the NextStep student background check?
When and how is the NextStep student background check completed?
Where can I arrange for my student to get American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support)?

Course participation

How will I keep track of my students' progress in the course?
What role does the employer and Student Success Liaison play in student success?
Why was my student disenrolled?

Technical questions

My student is having technical problems. How can they get help?

Contact NextStep

Where can I get additional help?

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