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Upskill Student FAQ

Questions? We have answers!

General NA course information

What is the NA course?
What is included in the NA course?
Will I have to pay NextStep anything to participate in the course?
What role will my employer have in helping me succeed?
How do I access the NA course?
Why is it called an “NA” course instead of a “CNA” course?

Course prerequisites

Why do I have to take a NextStep background check?
What kinds of background check events could disqualify me from participating in the course?
When do I take my background check?
What is my clinical prerequisite and when does it need to be completed?
What is the quickest way to get copies of my vaccination records?
What are my lab prerequisites and when do they need to be completed?

Participating in clinicals and practice labs

When do I need to finish my online coursework before practice labs?
Where are my practice labs located?
Where are clinicals located?
What if I’m late to practice labs or clinicals?
Do I need to bring lunch or snacks to practice labs and clinicals?
What do I wear to practice labs and clinicals?
Am I allowed to wear jewelry or show tattoos at practice labs and clinicals?
Do I have to remove my artificial nails to attend lab and clinical?
What leads to student disenrollment?
What if I need to cancel my assigned lab and/or clinical dates?
Where can I find student policies?

Student support

I’m having trouble signing into my course. What should I do?
How do I report technical issues?
I can’t find the answer to my question — where can I get further help?