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NextStep is proud to offer CNA training in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. We'll be launching CNA programs in more states soon!

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Our Cultural Values

These are the values we live and work by at NextStep.

Get Stuff Done.

NextStep takes on important societal challenges. We work efficiently and with a sense of urgency because people are counting on us. We use good judgment to prioritize our work to make the biggest impact.

Work with Integrity and Honesty.

We don’t fudge our results. We aim for the most accurate assessment of the situation and share it transparently. We communicate feedback directly.

Think Rigorously.

We care about being correct and are willing to take part in rigorous, respectful discussion and thinking to get to the correct outcome. We seek the truth over holding to our own opinions tightly.

Build Transformative Value.

We build solutions that delight our customers and bring them clear value. We take on big challenges and aim to transform every market we enter.

Stay Open-minded.

We respect a multiplicity of views. Everyone has a different view and we respect that. We actively listen, ask questions, and are authentically interested in an exchange of ideas.

Own It.

When we make a mistake, we own it and don't try to blame others or cover it up. We work hard not to repeat mistakes. We take personal ownership over organizing and prioritizing our work, making decisions, and asking for what we need. We communicate in advance if we can’t do what we said we would do.

Be Kind.

We don't act like jerks. We are respectful and choose humility over hubris. We try not to take disagreement personally. We give people the benefit of doubt, assume good intentions, and have self-awareness. We know that critical feedback means others have confidence in us that we can do better and don’t view it as negative.

Build Team Spirit.

We support each other in living full lives with time for family, friends, and interests. We celebrate our successes and create a sense of team spirit.

Celebrate Diversity.

We are an inclusive, anti-racist, multicultural organization. Our policies and practices actively combat all forms of discrimination and oppression. We are mindful of one another’s lived experiences and have open, brave, and candid conversations about our diversity.

Make a Difference.

We are privileged to do work that is not just about creating a successful business, but making the world better for caregivers and those who they care for. We take this opportunity and responsibility seriously. We show up for work 100% with the intention of making a bold difference for those counting on us.

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